Ceiling Panals, Deck Hardware Re-Bedding & Gennie Soundown Insulation & Other Updates

Winter work on Ophelia is well underway.  Some completed projects (photos to come later) include:  

A) 24V Delta T fans are installed, along with new Victron 24-Volt Charger, mounted under master bed, close to the 24V Main Engine start batteries. These fans are much louder than the previous 12v fans, but they move so much more air and should do well the drop the ambient ER temperature down several degrees.  Before this job, we were running at 25 degrees over ambient.  I hope to be down to 15 degrees. The true test will be on a long run over the warmer summer months, next cruising season.  I did notice that the air being pushed out of the stack is actually very robust, compared to before – so that is a great sign!  Happy this is done.

B) The yard has removed all of the stainless rub-rail around the exterior of the boat, so it can be run thru the polisher, all fastener holes will be overdrilled, epoxied and re-drilled, then it will all go back together and get properly rebedded with marine caulking. Once this is done, should be good for many many years.  Big job to remove all of the old failed caulking. Not hard, just slow and detailed work. This should also remove a couple of the dings in the stainless rail from before my time.

C)  Pilot House doors came off and the roller trucks were removed to be cleaned. Turned out to be a much smaller job than anticipated, because the doors were not water damaged at all. The Roller Trucks were just dirty from being 15 years old.  They got cleaned up and now the roll nice and smooth!!  

D) We are close to wrapping up the Solar Panel Installation. We purchased two 360Watt LG panels from the internet. They are mounted on top of our flybridge stainless soft-top, using 1.25 inch Split Side Mount Stainless Steel mounts, from eMarine in Florida.  Each panel will have its own wire run to its own Victron Blue Tooth MPPT controller, mounted in the aft Laz, near our main battery bank.  Many thanks to Ron & Nancy Goldberg on M/V Duet for some remote assistance with pre-planning the best route to get the heavy gauge wire runs from the Radar Arch Stacks, down into the salon, where the wire runs will go aft and down through the engine room air plenum, into the Lazarette.  Couple new holes to be drilled.  Not an easy task, but very doable with patience and time.

Here are some photos of odd jobs I am completing in the basement, at home.  Basically redoing ceiling Panels, one or two at a time. You can see the old failed foam.  
Old Ceiling Pane

Basement Work Table
Tools of the Ceiling Panel Trade:

Don’t Settle for anything less than the 90!

Super Sharp Scissors

New Sharp Exacto Blades

Super Sharp Cutter

Clean Work Space with Strong Lighting

About to be Stripped and redone

The wood takes an hour or so to sand down, to prep for the new glue. We were told to use ONLY 3M 90, as all else may not hold-up after a couple years.

Don’t Settle for anything less than the 90!

Also removed the old, failing Gennie Sound Shield Foam sound insulation, and installed new Soundown.


This is a much slower job than I anticipated, due to the time required to remove the old glue. It takes a significant amount of elbow-grease and DeBond and 80-Grit sandpaper to prep the panels to be re-painted and ready for the new glue.

The Panel that sits on the top of the Gennie will have the most susceptibility of the glue failing, so we took the additional step of epoxying these tabs (sold by Soundown) to help hold the weight of the panel up.  The hot engine room, waves and motion work against that glue, so this should help to keep the new soundown well secured for the next several years.

Finished Product

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