Couple Upgrades to Ophelia

Couple of July Upgrades to Ophelia.  We installed a secondary Generator Start on the Sound Shield. Makes life easy with working on the 12Kw Northernlights.  Sure beats running up & down the stairs!  Note my low-tech maintenance tracking!  

Remote Start Gennie 12kw Northern Lights

We are slowly upgrading the vintage 2003 electronics.  Started on the Fly, with a new 15 inch Furuno NavNet TZ2 Touch.  Very awesome unit, but the full functionality won’t happen until we also upgraded the pilot house electronics and get everything moved away from NEMA0183.

Furuno NavNet TZ2 Touch 15 Inch Screen

We also installed a pair of bright LED waterproof utility lights, to specifically light up the deep dark bilge compartment.  Allows me to see clearly, leaks, oil, any issues – hopefully before they become serious.

Bilge LED Lighting

Bilge LED Lighting
Mechanical gauges for the Main Engine!  

New Mechanical Gauges for Main Lugger

Northern Lights 843NK 12KW Generator

This is a shot of the hardworking 12Kw 843NK Generator. We just completed a major service on her. We replaced the following: main rear seal (was leaking after our big trip north), the Coolant Temp Switch, 15-Amp DC Breaker Circuit Breaker, Molded Coolant Hose, New Raw Water Pump & impeller, Belt, Oil Change, Oil & Fuel Filters and adjusted the valves.
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