ER Storage – Generator 316 SS Storage Shelf

Engine Room storage can become a little tight on the 50 and I found myself looking for a better way to make use of the available space.  I decided to install a shelf to the top of the Gennie Sound Shield.

I know that many folks have removed their Gennie Sound shields, yet I was reluctant to discard it.  Especially after redoing all the panels with fresh paint and soundown.  I do leave the service-side panel off (at home in basement).

The new shelf utilizes the existing machine screw holes, at the top of the sound shield (just used longer machine screws). The shelf was made of 1/8th inch 316 SS sheet.  I contact a metal fabricator to make it to my dimensions.  Basically it is similar an AC drip-pan, but only 3 walls, instead of 4.  This allows the long clear storage bins to fit nice and snug against the starboard ER.  I lined it with Sea Decking, so that the machine screws are effectively counter sunk (won’t wear into the clear storage bins).  Painted it white (Moeller 025109 White 1109).  One-Inch High walls on the Pan.

If I were to redo the project, I would select a slightly thinner gauge, as the 1/8th inch is a little overbuilt. But happy to be pulling spares out of the salon, into their new home!
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