APRIL 8th is a Big day!  Ophelia is finally getting put back in the water, after a long 5-months of being in winter storage.  She is dirty, and much improved!  Lots of great projects happened and a few are just getting buttoned up in time for us to start our cruising season on the Chesapeake Bay!

We still have to do a quick Sea Trial to ensure the new Duramax Shaft Seal (Nov Job) is seated propertly and that there are no sea water drips at WOT.  We also have to drop in the new Lifeline AGM 8D’s for the Main Engine 24V Start Bank, along with a single 4D for the Gennie & Wing Start battery.  The house bank batteries (Four 8D’s) were installed last week.  I am very excited to have all new batteries for the season. We intended to upgrade the house bank to Battleborn Lithium, but the specific Lithium Ion batteries I wanted were not yet on the market to retail buyers.  The lithium battery project will now get pushed back a couple of years – which is fine, because the technology and the complexities will be better understood and ironed out by then.  I was very excited for it, but waiting will make the transition much smoother and less risky.

Here are some photos of the storage shed. They had to splash the sea ray on Ophelia’s Port Side, before they could haul Ophelia out of the shed!  Very tight quarters & expert lift drivers!  Pleasure Cove moves boats fast & very carefully!

With the Sea Ray out of the way, they can bring in the large Travel Lift to begin the process of getting Ophelia in her slings!


The Storage Shed was filthy by the end of winter and there is debris all over the place from all the boats in front of me that have been launched over the last week!  The yard crew scrambled to push blocking wood, an old dishwasher (was it ophelia’s?), plastic 5-gallon oil pails and all sorts of other remnants out of the way for the travel lift ‘s journey to the water.



We are very much looking forward to a great cruising season this year!

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