Starting Ophelia’s Winter Work Early This Year

We had a great season on the boat & it was a great tool for family time, exploring and having fun, during Covid;  Unfortunately, the season has begun winding down for me and it is now time to get many jobs started, both big and small! I will update this post over time, as I get more Photos.

    1. Inspect DuraMax Shaft Seal: check raw water flow, engine alignment, tightness of Collar, etc…

  1. Pulled Prop and sent to get Prop Scanned.  The further out from the center Hub, the green colored Blade was showing it was out of spec. They tuned it up and all are in tight tolerances. No Dings and did not see any evidence of hitting anything, so perhaps it just became a bit out of spec due to normal use.

  1. Barnacle Busted all 4 of my AC UNITS
    1. Repair bow gelcoat scratch, Boot Strip Scratch & the Starboard Rub Rail Damage
    2. Paint fly-bridge helm Floor with Non-Skid, to Match Pilot House Roof
    3. Repair flybridge diamond-decking stress cracks Near the big Storage Box
    4. Repair starboard boarding gate exterior fiberglass cracks near the hinge hardware
    5. Repair Fiberglass Cracks as your walking down the Fly Bridge Stairs
    6. Repair minor Fiberglass Cracks on the Swim Platform area
    7. Forward Shower Seat has Large Hairline Crack to Ground out and fix (right side of Shower Seat)
  • Finish adding the 2 new Wiper Motors & Blades – start via making new exterior stainless plate first!!!
  • Replace all the old rusted “Through Deck” bolts for swim ladder, that were “raining” rust down onto Watermaker OverBoard Discharge Ball valve
  • Full Annual Service of the 40-hp Honda Outboard
  • Bottom Paint Job as Needed
    • Removed 4 Thruster Cowlings for prep & paint
  • Bring home for Prep & Paint Thruster Grates

Before and After!  Painted with Pettit Odyssey Triton Ablative Antifouling black paint

Stern Thruster Cowlings were removed, sanded, painted; New Props, New Aluminum Anodes & prop shafts greased.  This Photo shows the still wet, new non-skid applied. Trying out a new product called SoftSand, which are rubberized coarse black particles that are mixed in with the Anti Fouling Paint (Pettit Triton Odyssey).  I still need to go back and clean up the smear on the waterline boot-stripe.

  • Installed the new Bosch 18” Dishwasher
  • Rebuild manual Holding Tank Pump with Rebuild Kit
  • Change Forward Head Vacuflush Duck-Bill Valves & Inspect the motor / Parts (works but getting old)
  • Repair the Cockpit Freshwater Spigot – Replace both Fresh & Salt water valves
    • Installed Shut-Off Valves under Settee for each spigott
  • Fresh Water Deck Fill, on ForeDeck, near my Bikes. This needs to be removed, saved, and measure the diameter of the white Fill Pipe (cedar Closet in Bunk room is the other end!). Will order replacement from SeaDog, once we know the diameter of the one coming out of the boat.
  • Install my New Groco Hull Strainer on the AC strainer – Follow BONDING instructions!! (PORT AFT)
  • Install my New Groco Hull Strainer on the Water Maker Thru Hull – Follow BONDING instructions!! (PORT AFT)
  • Install New Groco Hull Strainer on Salt Water Wash Down (Starboard side, inboard of stabilizer fin)
  • Service All Strainer Baskets and Thru Hulls – Ensure no Paint Build Up on the Thru Hulls, so we don’s slow the water flow!!
  • Repair starboard boarding Gate “FIT” via remove hinge and sand down
  • Sink Basin Drain, Faucet & related Plumbing Repairs (Hard to Locate a Match. These are 1-1/4 OD Diameter Tail Pipe.  Located German manufacturer called Dornbracht, part 10110970-00 in Polished Chrome, as a replacement)

  • Generator – Install New Injector Pump & New Elbow
  • Brought the 40-HP Tender Cowling Home to Sand & RePaint & did new stickers (ebay)

The finished Engine Cowling! Job came out much better than I anticipated. Did three coats of the Honda Grey, followed by two coats of clear. Last, bought new stickers off Ebay! Fun & easy project!

  • Raw Water Pump Shipped to Depco to Refurbish

  • Refilled Both Propane Tanks & Replaced the 12V solenoid

  • Shipped Dinghy Cover to Brett to Patch
  • Brett (canvas maker) Made new White Sun Shades For Pilot House Windows
  • Drained the Dinghy Fuel for winter storage
  • New Dinghy Start Battery Installed March ’21
  • New Dinghy Bilge Pump March ’21
  • Painted the Main Engine Belt Guard (Photo is the freshly painted Belt Guard)

  • Maxwell 24Vdc VW 2200 Windlass Rebuild & Re-Bed Hardware
    • Guardian Marine Repaired my Windlass Oil Leak (Seal Kits ordered 10 4 2020) (Full Tear Down Nov 2020)
    • Gearbox needs to be replaced;  lots of corrosion

  • Guardian Marine Re-Bed Windlass Thru Bolts and Ensure Dry Chain Locker. Replace rusted hardware, as needed

  • Dinghy Detailed inside & out; Degreased Bottom

  • Guardian Marine Installing 2,000 amp Smart Shunt 24V Bluetooth Victron Battery Monitor down in Master
  • Watermaker Winterized
  • Sea Grass Flooring & a Top Runner Section For Salon (PH was done 2019)
  • Oil, filters, anodes, thrusters, etc..on my spring Commissioning List
  • Buy new set of Watermaker filters for Spring (hold off on buying the reverse Osmosis Filter)
  • Organize & Ensure adequate spare Filters & Parts & Note the location of them all on spreadsheet
  • Buy replacement Water Pump for Naiad Cooling
  • Change out my Jabsco Bilge Pump and service the old one, placing it into Spares
  • Forward Fresh Water Tank Sender Hole Needs Stronger Gasket When Fresh water tank if full: Create / Repair gasket to create tighter seal for tank monitoring gauge
  • Chain Locker Emptied, Hosed Out and chain re-flaked into the locker; inspected Shackles and ceasing wire
  • Check Windlass Motor Connections and spray down with CRC
  • Replaced the Watermaker supply hose, running from Bilge to Strainer Basket in aft Laz
  • Service Windlass Top Side
  • Relocated Master AC Control Panel up Higher, so the lights don’t keep me away at night
  • Repair the minor Gelcoat chips in both showers
  • Replaced all Red Interior Courtesy Lights with Hela Blue LED Courtesy Lamps (17 in total)
  • Replaced the corroded gated-swing check Valves in both MSR sink & clear out all the lines to ensure good drainage
  • Changed the Torrid 12-Inch Albumin Anode on the new (Feb 2019) Hot Water Heater (Located under master bed mattress)

This Anode is after 2 seasons (about 18 Months)

  • Hilds Marine to Service my Naiad Lower Seals
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