Stern Thruster Progress at Washburn’s Boat Yard


We are having Washburn’s Boat Yard install a stern thruster. The process has taken some upfront time to properly plan. We started discussing the project with Washburns in June & entered the Yard to begin the work in early September.  Space is very limited and we want to ensure decent thrust, as well as minimize the amount of equipment that may need to be relocated in the lazarette.  The unit we selected is made by Side-Power and is SEP150/215T 24v Stern Thruster.  It is rated at 11.8 Hp, with 24v thrust rating of 182.  We are also going with Proportional Controls, which will allow for longer run times, before thermal shutdowns.  Our installation will include two additional 8D AGM’s on a separate charger to provide 24V power to the unit.  

Dual Station controls on fly-bridge and in the pilot house should make for much less stressful docking in cross wind or currents.

On the Hard, at Washburn’s Boatyard

Initial Stern Thruster tube Installation

Custom Built Cowlings to Increase Thrust

Transom Cut-Out

SIDE-POWER 24V Thruster



These are photos of the extended cowling to prevent airlocks and provide directional thrust to port & starboard.

This short video clip shows how the stern thruster sits in the water, while underway.  Note that this is with the two aft fuel tanks empty.  Out of the water, it is boxy, but protected from backing into a dock or piling.  In the water, it is barely visible and provides me the ability to single-hand the boat, during docking and other close-quarter situations that used to be very stressful.
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