Wing Engine Work Completed

Wing Engine work finally completed this week.  

Brand:  Yanmar
Model:  3JH3E

We had the following work done by our mechanic, while Ophelia is in Winter Storage:

Drained down the coolant system, removed all fresh water and raw water hoses, removed the exhaust hose between the exhaust riser and muffler, removed the exhaust riser, removed the drive belt.

Removed the mounting bolts from the left engine isolator, removed the alternator, lifted the corner of the engine and removed the engine mount, unbolted and removed the raw water pump, removed the transmission cooler assembly.

Unbolted and removed the heat exchanger end cover housings and removed the core, removed the thermostat housing & thermostat.

Disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted the raw water pump and recondition including painting, clean the heat exchanger core and pressure tested;  All is “ok.”

Sandblasted all related parts and painted, noted that the aluminum transmission cooler is severely
deteriorated, ordered a new cooler.

Replaced the raw water inlet hoses from the sea valve to the sea strainer, as well as from Sea Strainer to the transmission cooler, including installing a protective covering.

Installed the new transmission oil cooler and reconnected the new Raw Water hoses.

Reinstalled the heat exchanger assembly with new seals on the end cover housings.

Installed all new fresh waster / raw water hoses and clamps.

Installed new thermostat and related gaskets.

Reinstalled the reconditioned raw water pump.

Reinstalled the engine mount & isolator and secured to the stringer. Reinstalled the Alternator with a new drive-Belt.

Checked the transmission oil level and adjusted as required, including replacing Copper washer on the dipstick.

Removed the Stainless Steel Exhaust Riser for inspection. While off, sandblasted, painted and reinstalled with new gasket.

Replaced the hose, clamps and reducer hose between the exhaust riser and muffler.

Reinstalled the coolant & pressure tested the system.

Replaced the Sight Glass Tubes on the Main Fuel Tanks in ER with new gaskets and new site tubing from McMaster-Carr.
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